Great feedback from career workshops …

I’m really enjoying the career workshops and I think you are too – here’s some of what people have been saying.  Watch this space for future dates or click ‘Follow’ on top left-hand corner.:

  • It was a great day, I got a lot out of it, and you had a good bunch of people who spoke freely. I’m in the process of changing what I do and your workshop has helped me along the way.’
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesday night. I’m finding the workshops very therapeutic: – a lovely environment with lovely people.’
  • ‘Great evening.  When is the next one?’
  • ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the day, there was a lovely warm atmosphere and I also gained an awful lot professionally from it.  I’m not working at the moment and at a bit of a crossroads with my career, I got clarity on where I want to go and also the essential confidence on how to get motivated again. But as importantly the day was fun!! Thank you.’  
  • ‘Very interesting session on Tuesday evening… I enjoyed the ‘mood’ of the evening and the journey / technique of the ‘’life-‘visionboard’-concept’’… I  would be pleased to participate in your proposed future program over the next three months’
  • ‘I feel a renewed burst of energy from all the creativity in the room. Was positively spewing out creative ideas today in the course…. Mary, you’ve got to do more of these!’  
  • ‘I really enjoyed your Vision Board session today…It was really social with really good people . If you are doing another let me know as I would like to spread the word.’ 
  •  ‘I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesday night. I’m finding the workshops very therapeutic: lovely environment, lovely people’  
  • ‘Thank you so much for a great evening – thoroughly enjoyed it, and found it very interesting…. and looking forward to the next session’.

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