Monthly Archives: June 2013

Are you ready for that interview?

Preparing for interview can be daunting.  Tomorrow evening’s workshop is an opportunity to learn a simple structure that will increase your clarity and confidence as you prepare for interview.  Bring along your CV and, if possible, a job description.

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves.  Check out this great talk on getting your body language right so that you can ‘fake it ’til you become it’.

This is the final workshop in this series of Career Workshops.  Please pass it on.

Workshop Details: Tuesday 4th June 7pm – 9.30pm in The Lantern Centre on 17 Synge St, Dublin 8. (Park in the school yard, room is in basement beside Lantern on Synge St itself). Cost €15. There will be a break with a cup of tea to share the experience with like-minded people.