Do You Know What You Really Want?

For those of you job searching or considering a change of career, why not pause for a moment before starting on the journey of planning, preparing and pursuing. Why not take a moment to reflect on what you really want from your work life?

This evening is about tapping into your own inner resources to visualise and experience what you really want. To create a career mind movie, to sit in that dream for a while, to pretend you have it already. What would it feel like to have that new job? What is the experience?

You will then create your own Career Vision Board, sometimes called a Career Dream Board, filled with pictures, affirmations and text that represent the experience that you want in your new job or career. To manifest your vision, you can take your Career Vision Board home with you, hang it somewhere that you will see it every day and then enjoy the journey!  Here’s an interesting video on How to Make a Vision Board.

Workshop Details:  Tuesday 12th March, 7pm – 9.30pm in The Lantern Centre on17 Synge St, Dublin 8. Cost €15. There will be a cup of tea afterwards to share the experience with like-minded people.

I hope to see you there – please pass on to friends who may be interested. Thanks. Mary


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