What a truly creative and inspiring evening ……

‘I felt a renewed burst of energy from all the creativity in the room last night.  I was positively spewing out creative ideas today……Mary, you’ve got to do more of these!’   Feedback from a participant in ‘Do You Know What You Really Want?’ last night.

The workshop was a great success.  The lovely cosy room in the Lantern Centre was strewn with magazines, coloured card, pictures, pritt stick and scissors as people flicked through magazines ….  cutting, sticking and filling in their Vision Boards.   It was truly inspiring.

This was the 1st in a series of 4 career coaching workshops. Please let me know if there is a topic you would like covered.  Like me on Facebook or follow me on my website for updates.

1 thought on “What a truly creative and inspiring evening ……

  1. MC

    As someone who had thought about doing a vision board for months, it was a great way to start the ball rolling – social, absorbing and really enjoyable. Having decided that I wanted to do a “career vision board”, I quickly realised that the images I was attracted to would be just as much at home on a wider life vision board – maybe they’re the same thing!


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